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News - January 1, 2015

Any previous text documents in this site have been rewritten, improved and merged into a single book of about 250 pages - in pdf form.
You may download this book by clicking on the BLUE link below (Be patient - the download will take a minute or so).

A Promise of Glory - The History of the De Nogent Family (0940-Today).

The two major Family Tree diagrams can also be downloaded. They alone are covered by copyright.

Diagram 1 - 0940-1415 - Nugent02
(Diagram two was too large to be held as a single pdf file, and so has been divided into three segments 1-Vectors A-J ; 2-Vectors K-O ; 3-Vectors P-Z)
Diagram 2 - 1170-Today - Segment 1 (A-J) - Ireland52L
Diagram 2 - 1170-Today - Segment 2 (K-O) - Ireland52M
Diagram 2 - 1170-Today - Segment 3 (P-Z) - Ireland52R

If you work on an Apple Mac, we strongly advise you to use the free pdf application - "SKIM" to view the pdf files
(Save the downloaded files and then open them with the SKIM application for easy viewing.)

For more information, mail me at : The Nugent Site