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This is the castle built by successive members of the De Nogent family in France.
Dominating the town of Nogent-le-Rotrou (about 150 km. South-West of Paris), in the area of the Perche, where the De Nogent family originated,
the Château St. Jean occupies a strategic position. Situated at a bend in the river Huisne, on a rise, the site overlooks the five surrounding valleys.
Originally, the château was nothing more than a "Motte and Bailey" fortification, built of wood by Rotrou, the earliest known member of the Family.
His successor Geoffrey II replaced the original fortifications by a dungeon * of stone (1020), and future descendants of the family made
minor embellishments to the edifice (XI th and XII th Century). The château was restored during the XX th century.

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The Coat of Arms of the Counts of Perche - : Three silver chevrons Gules (d'argent aux trois chevrons de gueules).

The Coat of Arms of the Nugent Family - : Ermine two bars Gules, (d'hermine, à deux fasces de gueules).
Crest : A Cockatrice wings elevated tail nowed Vert combed and wattled Gules.
Supporters : On either side a Cockatrice wings elevated and addorsed tail nowed Vert combed and wattled Gules.
motto "decrevi" - "I have resolved"

* Dungeon - the original term does not mean a prison, but represents a fortress or the keep of a castle (domniō - lords' tower)

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