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CopyLeft is a concept that seeks to preserve an author's intellectual property right to be acknowledged as the originator of a piece of work.

CopyLeft allows existing work to be freely copied and improved, providing that due acknowledgment is made to the original author.

CopyLeft began in the world of computer software but has much broader applicability to printed texts, web sites and other works of intellect. is subject to copyleft, WITH THE EXCEPTION OF FAMILY TREE DIAGRAMS , which means that permission is granted to all, to :

     1   make one or more copies of any of the text pages of the site for research, education or other purposes,
     2   copy the text pages onto other websites, newsgroups, etc. or use them in articles, newsletters, etc.,
     3   make modified copies of these text pages in any way that enhances the quality and integrity of the pages
         as statements of historical fact and interpretation.

This permission is freely granted on condition that one of the following statements accompanies each copy or modification :

     1   Source : Francis Nugent Dixon at on [date],
     2   Includes : Information from Francis Nugent Dixon's site on [date]

The requirement for a date is simply that this site is under continual development. I notify copyright for all Family Tree diagrams
on this site. These are clearly marked. To my knowledge, no unacknowledged copyright images or texts are included on this site.
Where I have used short quotations or translations, I identify my sources. Where my information extensively draws on
publications, documents or Internet sources, this is stated. If other peoples' copyright applies, this is also stated.

It cannot escape your notice that the majority of the documents in this site are in pdf form, and can be downloaded to your computer.
This is a deliberate choice on my part, as it makes all my research available to whoever wishes to use it. After all, I didn't invent any of this !
Every scrap of information you see here can be found somewhere, in books, cartulary documents or Internet sites.

All I did was to reunite the data, evaluate it, eliminate dubious or false information, and then try and lay it out as a fascinating story !
However, ALL Family Tree Diagrams are mine only, and represent years of creation, and so are Copyright !

Now we have covered that subject - What next ?

Each page of this site, each document, sheds light on a specific time period, a specific person, events in a specific country, or
covers a specific subject. Because of this, there is overlap from some documents into others, that is to say that some information
in certain documents is also to be found in others. This is true for several reasons. Each document should be considered as a
complete entity, and has been designed to be read with no reference to the others. Each document proposes a certain vision or
perspective which is unique to the subject in hand. As such, although each document has a specific title, and covers a relatively
specific subject, overlap into other documents is inevitable.

And finally :

1   Let me know what you think of the site -   e-mail !

2   Doubt and even question the information that you find here (nobody is perfect !),
3   Provide me with corrections or (especially) new data,
4   If you are a Nugent - be proud of it - We have come a long way !

Francis Nugent Dixon

Carnac - Morbihan - France - January - 2015
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