This is usually the place where the author provides an interminable list of the people who were important in the development of his work.
My acknowledgements will be short and sweet.

Sometime in the early 1950's, as a young boy in my grandparents house in a quiet suburb of Liverpool, England, I was sitting on the floor in front of my
grandfather's chair. His name was George Frederick Nugent and he had once been a well travelled journalist. I remember him telling me, that one day I
should visit France (he found the French nation worthy of interest), and also surmised that the Nugent family had origins in France. He suggested that
I should learn French, as it was a fascinating and powerful literary language (I have his notebooks which show that he spoke some French). All that he said
that day was stored (uselessly, so I thought) in some corner of my developing mind, and was then promptly supplanted by more immediate interests.
Many years later, I went on a pot-holing expedition to the South of France, and ended up marrying a pretty French girl, and continued my professional
career in Paris. I have only returned to England occasionally, to visit family and friends. France is now my home, close to children and grand-children !

More than forty years later, now retired, I can look back on the last twelve years of my life, during which I spent the better part of my waking hours researching
the Nugent Family. It is not complete, but I have just compiled a single document about the early De Nogent family in France, England and Ireland.
So, thanks go to my grandfather, George Frederick Nugent, who sowed the first seeds of interest, and was surely responsable for some of the genes which
have given me the patience and the force to plough through the tons and tons of information concerning the Nugent family, over the past twelve years,
in order to present you with my results. This is a fascinating story of a famous family covering more than a thousand years of history, marrying
into the royalty of several countries in Europe, and providing men from Members of Parliament to Commanders of the Fleet (of the Royal Navy),
from gold prospectors to Barons, Lords and Earls. In a thousand years of French, English and Irish history, a Nugent was somewhere close by.

You may be a simple ordinary Nugent, living a normal life somewhere in the world (even my most recent family lives on four continents).
But you may be interested to learn of where our family originally came from. I have traced the blood lines of the Nugent family as far back as
Charlemagne (742-814), King of the Franks and founder of the Holy Roman Empire. No theory, no wishful thinking, no suppositions - just plain facts !
Wherever you are, you have every reason to be proud of your heritage.

Francis Nugent Dixon (Carnac - Morbihan - France - December 2014)

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