This is an non-exhaustive list of the Internet sources that I used for building my site.
I used SOME of these sites in building the history of our family, and also the complete Family Tree diagrams.

WARNING : Internet links are very volatile. Webmasters sometimes lose interest in their sites, or simply drop their subscriptions.
Some of these links may not work in the future ! The links are NOT neccessarily in order of importance, however each reference
is preceded by a number (from 1 to 5) indicating the value of the site for obtaining Nugent information. (1 is most valuable, 5 is least valuable).

(1) Site by the famous Leo Van de Pas - Very instructive about the De Nugent Family - We enter the site "somewhere". Then follow your nose up and down the tree!

Click on this link - Genealogics

(1) The Stirnet Project - A vital source of information which I used to help build my tree. It used to be free, but unfortunately it is now a paying site. I got my
information out while there was still time. However, there is a workaround. Click on "N" to get the N names, then you will see Nugent01 through Nugent05 in the list.
If you click any of these entries, you will get a "Login for Membership" page, but only after a few seconds. You have just enough time to take one screen copy.
After taking the screen copy, use the back arrow, then the window slider to move down the list, and take another screencopy (You have to be fast!)
It takes time to build up the complete document, but it works.

Click on this link - The Stirnet Project

(1) FabPedigree - A site where you can spend hours - clicking "up" and "down" to follow the Nugent Family ancestors. Well done and great fun !

Click on this link - FabPedigree

(1) Fortunecity - Nugent Segment - A very comprehensive family tree from Fulke (de Bellême) down to today - Very useful to compare against other sources.

Click on this link - Fortunecity

(1) A site by someone called Ray Gurganus which probably took him 20 years to build. We only wish to follow our family ...... We enter the site "somewhere"
Follow your nose by clicking on various members of the Nugent Family. - Very Valuable !

Click on this link - Gurganus

(1) Index to Royal Genealogical Data - Hull University - Click on any of the Nugents in the list. - Very Valuable.

Click on this link - Royal Genealogical Data

(1) Nugents of Antigua - by Dr. Nicholas Nugent. - A fascinating story - Very Valuable.

Click on this link - Nugents of Antigua

(1) Counts of Perche and Mortagne. - In French - Useful for validating my research information.

Click on this link - Counts of Perche and Mortagne

(2) Fab Pedigree - Short List of Nugent names - Follow the Nugent (Nug) segment.

Click on this link - Fab Pedigree

(3) Matilda, Countesse of Perche - A short document by Kathleen Thompson, about the wife of Geoffrey II (III), Count of Perche, explaining how she helped
her husband to run the family affairs (developed from Cartulary documents of the time) - Very useful !

Click on this link - Matilda, Countesse of Perche

(2) Earls of Westmeath - Names and dates concerning the Barons of Delvin and their descendants.

Click on this link - Earls of Westmeath

(2) Nugents of Jersey and connected families - Very informative - Scan down to the Nugent list and view ! - You can see many descendants of the family.

Click on this link - Nugents of Jersey

(2) PRONI (Public Record Office Of Northern Ireland) - Valuable information about Nugents of Portaferry, Nugents of Farren Connell.
You have to visit Belfast to see the Nugent documents (check to see which documents are available).

Click on this link - PRONI

(2) Les Comtes de Perche (The Counts of Perche) This site is in French, but you can get a reasonable on-line (Google) translation to English.
Valuable site, although I contest a few points.

Click on this link - The Counts of Perche

(2) Coats of Arms - including the Nugent arms.

Click on this link - Coats of Arms

(3) The Crusades - A brief history - Follow your nose - Interesting !

Click on this link - The Crusades

(3) Vicomtes de Châteaudun - Information on the Viscounts of Châteaudun and the House of Bellême, and lots more we don't need.
Not very well built - you have to search, but it is interesting to follow the generations up and down.

Click on this link - Viscounts of Châteaudun

(3) The Irish Genealogical Research Society (IGRS) has some valuable documents concerning the Nugent Family. You have to visit the offices in London

Click on this link - IGRS

(4) Official site of the town of Nogent-le-Rotrou - In French - Select "Historique de la Ville" in the green list on left side of screen. You can follow all the history
of the Château de Saint Jean, and the town. (click on "Le Château Saint-Jean au Xème et XIème siècle").

Click on this link - Nogent-le-Rotrou

(5) The Norman Conquest - Extremely valuable site by Geoff Boxell The whole story about the Conquest and its after effects.

Click on this link - The Norman Conquest

(4) The - Valuable site - gives information about many families. Scan down to the Nugents and examine all that you find. Not very enthralling !

Click on this link - The

(4) A short family tree from Rotrou de Mortagne down to the Kings of Navarre - Useful !

Click on this link - Smokeykin

(4) The Anglo-French Invasion - More than enough history about the "Invasion" of ireland.

Click on this link - The Anglo-French Invasion

(5) Information about the Kings of France in the Capetian Period - The Capetiens.

Click on this link - The Capetiens

(5) The Crusades - A Brief History in pdf format

Click on this link - The Crusades

(3) Very nice presentation of Motte & Bailey fortifications by Jeffrey L. Thomas

Click on this link - Mottes & Baileys

(5) 10th Century Political events - Interesting lead into what happened as the De Nogent family showed on the scene.

Click on this link - 10th Century Political Events

(4) Monsignor James Nugent - History

Click on this link - Monsignor James Nugent

(3) Les Seigneurs du Saônois - The House of Bellême - Useful site describing the hereditary enemies of the House of Rotrou.

Click on this link - The House of Bellême

(3) Unknown Data Base, look for Perche and follow your nose - Gives some confirming dates about some of the members of the House of Rotrou - Secondary Value.

Click on this link - House of Rotrou

(5) Henry I and the Anglo-Norman World - A compilation of documents in book form (that I do not possess), but the Google presentation makes it look like
a valuable document. Contains a chapter by Kathleen Thompson, which in my view, can only enhance its interest.

Click on this link - Henry I and the Anglo-Norman World

(3) Dwyer-Laye Site - New Zealand - Contains 64 references of Nugents (Savages)

Click on this link - Dwyer-Laye Site - New Zealand

(5) Les Capétiens - In French - Kings of France from the Capetian Period

Click on this link - The Capetian Period

(4) The Annals of Ulster - just a few interesting tit-bits of information about the Nugent Family

Click on this link - The Annals of Ulster

(5) Bry de la Clergerie - His book - (I have a pdf copy) - Very "pro-Bellême" and totally plagiarized from the little known book by René Courtin.

Click on this link - Bry de la Clergerie

Antiquités Percheronnes - L. Joseph (Abbé) Fret - Book 77 Euros

Click on this link - Antiquités Percheronnes

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