France, England & Ireland (In great detail)

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documents concerning the De Nogent Family in France, England and Ireland up to 1415
(date at which Sir William Nugent, the 9th Baron of Delvin in Ireland, assumed the name Nugent).

            1 - France 950-1226- From the first De Nogent to the last De Nogent in France.

            2 - England 1066-1171 - From The Norman Conquest to the Invasion of Ireland.

            3 - Ireland 1165-1415 - From the Invasion of Ireland to the first Nugent in Ireland.

Introduction 10th Century France Feudal Rights and Privileges History of the Perche Rotrou I - First Appearance Origins of the Nugent Family The First Rotrou de Nogent The Mélisende Hypotheses Fulquois de Mortagne Viscounts and Counts The De Nogents and the Crusades The Last Count of Perche Château St. Jean Bellême or not Bellême
The De Nogents in England Events leading to the Norman Conquest De Nogents in the Norman Conquest Geoffrey II de Mortagne Foulke de Bellême Rotrou de Montfort Descendants of the De Nogent Family De Nogent possessions in England The White Ship
The De Nogents in Ireland Ireland in the 12th Century-Map Ireland in the 12th Century-Text Expeditions to Ireland The arrival of Henry II Hugh de Lacy Gilbert de Nogent The Baronry of Delvin
Lawrence of Arabia Winston Churchill Queen Elizabeth II Charlemagne Richard the LionHeart The Plantagenate Kings ------------- -------------