To help me build my site, I used some pretty cool MAC software.

1 - "EazyDraw" by Dekorra Optics

Best graphics application I ever found - helped me build my Family Trees (Thanks to Dave Mattson).

2 - "Graphic Converter" by Lemkesoft GmbH

Fantastic modeller for any photos, of any format (Thanks to Thorsten Lemke). I used it with EazyDraw to build my site backgrounds.

3 - "Picturesque" by Acqualia

Gorgeous 3D perspective effects.

4 - "Cyberduck" by David V. Kocher

A really beautiful OpenSource FTP application which helped me upload to my Internet site - Simple - Foolproof !

Nobody solicited me for these credits.

I just wanted to identify great software applications (big & small) which helped me to build my site with ease.

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